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5 Pounds? Reprise Bundle

5 Pounds? Reprise Bundle

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“I always wanted it this way"

Why buy 1, when you can have 5! Deals on multiples. Same great book, new great quantegy…. QUANTITY!

Another psychedelic children’s book inspired by our favourite band!

All My Friends Reprise: Looking for Owls
"Your friends confine you in their worlds"

Welcome to All My Friends 2.0... Introducing MORE beloved characters from our favourite songs with an epic new twist ~ WOO! Seek and find each phishy friend in odd and delightful Phish worlds. Join them on a trip as they share in the groove. Phun for all ages :)

Looking for extras? Spot the owl in each world! 🦉Easter eggs on every page!

30 fully illustrated pages in a smooth, matte hardcover printed in Canada. 

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