It’s about time, time, time we introduce you to our new friend @sptsam

In the spirit of Phish embracing rotating artists for different concert posters, we thought it would be fun to bring in a fresh creative vision to our little baby book project 🥰

Sam Taylor is our epic new illustrator for the All My Friends Reprise: Looking for Owls project and we are obsessed with his style! His works is a mix of bold lines, bright colours, fun character designs and a ton of different pop culture references. He is the perfect partner for our new book and we are SO stoked for you to be apart of his creative genius 🙌🏻

Meet our friends & the talented illustrators of All My Friends! aka Bridget Richardson and Luke DiBona are a crazy creative duo based out of Northern Colorado. They are illustrators, designers and creators of goofy things inspired by balancing the weight of the world (politics, mental health) with the joy of their comfy illustrations that keep them going.